Friday, January 25, 2008

Weekend Goodies

(I'll be posting more hard-news artlces within the next few days. I've had the flu.

Oksana Baiul was made for reality television. This would only happen to Oksana on the day of the Olympic Long Program.

Way to spit out your gum while being interviewed!

Back when only the Japanese media was crazy... Oh, how things would be so different two years later.

1992 Olympios Ladies Preview and Yamaguchi Profile:

1992 Olympics Ladies SP Practice and Draw.

If throwing (and landing) a triple axel at 3:30 in her long program didn't win you over, Midori will be sure sure to wow you with her infinite charm.

This is what happens when choreography, music, natural presentation ability, sex appeal and one hot cat suit work perfectly together. Thank you, Sandra and Katarina!

The making of Carmen On Ice. (Katarina won an emmy for this performance.)

When a government ruins a skating career:

Ratings Gold: Someone needs to pay these two to compete in Vancouver. Where are the Russian divas when we need them?!?!

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