Monday, March 17, 2008

This and That

1. Miki Ando has decided against trying a Quad Salchow at the World Championships. Morozov had said all season that she would do it, but the reigning champion thinks it is more important to focus on her triple-triple combinations. Ando admitted having consistency issues with them last week, but says she is now back up to speed. Morozov and Ando have also decided to switch back to her "Scherezade" short program because she expresses it better than "Samson and Delilah." Teammate Yukari Nakano has been seen practicing a Triple Loop-Triple Loop combination and says she will include the combination in her free skate.

2. John McEnroe has decided against being the head coach of the US Olympic Tennis Team. Rodney Harmon will serve as head coach, pending USOC approval.

3. Olympic equestrian Darren Chiacchia is unconscious and in critical condition with a severe head injury after falling from his horse during a weekend competition. Doctors have ruled out a spinal injury for the 42-year-old who suffered rib fractures and injuries to both lungs. Chiacchia is now breathing on his own after being taken off of a ventilator.

4. The LA Times ran a feature on BeBe Liang, who says she is skating the best she has in three years.
Bebe Liang hopes to pull it together

5. The new NCAA rankings have been released:

1. Georgia 197.305
2. Florida 197.090
3. Utah 197.065
4. Michigan 196.825
5. LSU 196.695
6. Alabama 196.605
7. Oregon State 196.530
8. UCLA 196.465
9. Oklahoma 196.440
10. Stanford 196.360
11. Arkansas 196.100
12. Auburn 195.905

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